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XVII century was Nicholas Jarry .

collection of poems composed

number of surviving European

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I miss you: Whether you are in different states/countries or simply a work-day away from seeing each other, let her know that you miss being with her. A surprise SMS in the middle of the day may just make her day!
Your hair looks lovely: Of course, this is a terrible line to use on the days on which she is suffering from a bad-hair day. Nevertheless, when you are picking her up for a date, or meeting her after a certain period of time, this line may make her heart skip a beat.

Women think very differently from men, what they think, and what the right things to say to them are, may remain aspects you flounder with. According to me here are the things which she will like to listen.
I love you: There is no limit to the number of times girls love to hear these three cliched, yet magical words. So, without losing the essence, utter these words to your woman as often as possible. Make sure, however, that you mean it, each time you say it.

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55 thousand Greek, 30 thousand Armenian

number of surviving European

XVII century was Nicholas Jarry .

ancient and medieval Latin,

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55 thousand Greek, 30 thousand Armenian

the best poets of his era and

Since the era of Charlemagne

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Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN

Europe, and in Ancient Russia

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